Friday, February 27, 2009

The Latest Breaking News (Part 2)

So a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that yours truly would be featured on the City of Irvine TV News....and finally I'm on! It's been a couple days and I'm currently trying to figure out how to blog the actual video clip.... but I'm not as tech-saavy as I'd like.

I kind of see this whole experience as being a "God thing"...I've had very few television adventures in my life and it just seems too random and awesome to not be from Him. And all the glory definitely goes to Him... and not me. So without further adieu...

Here it is.

Make sure you check it out! It's only on the City of Irvine site for a limited amount of time so share this will all your friends and family! Heck yes!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day Trippin' to the Salton Sea

When life gets crazy and "the biz" starts wearing on you...sometimes you just have to get away and shoot the "anythings" and "different-things" to feed your creativity engines again. This is exactly what I got to do with some new friends from [b]school last week. I was definitely feeling the fine art bug that day at the Salton Sea, so most of my images are not of people, but of lines and's some shots from the day...

This place was "emo kid paradise" ... an abandoned night club right on the smelly dirty Salton Sea...

I was super surprised to find this bit of vandalistic art inside the night first reaction was "well this is ironic"....but later I found out that the "Mamen" I was thinking of is actually spelled "Mammon". Mammon was the old testament pagan god of I thought it was interesting how someone had taken such time to write "F*** you Mamen" on a wall of an abandoned nightclub that was trashed...
I was really feeling an Ansel Adams-ish style that day... probably because I miss my exploratory photography buddy Jonathan Lau.

One of the cool people I got to hang with that day was John Mireles. He's not only a fun guy but he's so helpful! He had an engagement shoot that day at the sea, but he totally let people observe and shoot with cool! For all you photographers, he's developed this really cool shooting tool called a Look Book! And he's totally using his own product here...haha

This is the beautiful couple John was shooting that day...and they were gracious enough to pose some for me as well! Thanks so much you guys!

The sunset was amazing end to a very insightful and fun day!
Here's a shout out to all you amazing photographers I got to meet and hang with all day! Jack Ratana, Hannsie Trainor, Joe Photo, Becker, John Mireles, and Shauna Couri ...You guys are so talented, I'm honored I had the chance to hang with you! Until next [b] school day trip...

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day has always been more of a family day in my parents, Melissa, and I always get each other cards and we make cookies and give gifts...all for the sake of showing each other how much we love each other. I love Valentines Day...I always have...even though a "special someone" hasn't always been a part of my life. But this year, I do have a "special someone" and I was surprised when he brought me four of my favorite things last night (Friday the 13th...not Valentines Day). Originally he wasn't supposed to be around this weekend because he's Junior Winter Camp staff at Forest Home. But circumstances and weather forced him to head back home last night...and he was stoked he could actually do "special someone" things for me after all (poor guy was feeling like a horrible person for not being around on the day o' love). Needless to say, I felt loved and I enjoyed our impromptu "day before Valentines Day" celebration.  Here's a little sample of his surprise....the four things I love...

1. POM Pomegranate Peach White Tea
2. Brilliantly colored Gerber Daisies
3. Pinkberry with Strawberries, Pineapple, and Granola
4. And Him! :)

So Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you all get to celebrate the love you have in your life, even if it's not the romantic kind!

 "Love, Actually is....All Around" - Love, Actually

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jean-Luc and Jacqueline Lajoie's "I Do"

I love shooting for other photographers just as much as I enjoy shooting my own weddings...and I especially love shooting with Jack Ratana! The day began later in the afternoon so we made the long and, periodically rainy, trek down to Misson Bay, San Diego to shoot Jean-Luc and Jacque's wedding. Before we got there, Jack gave me the 411 on the Lajoie's and he began with saying "this should be a fun wedding..." and it definitely was fun! Jean-Luc and Jacque are so lucky to have the family and friends they do....and it was the coolest thing to see how highly they valued relationship with those friends and family. 

The ceremony was intimate and touching...and I found myself misty-eyed behind the lens as some of the most heart-felt things were said about the Lajoie's, to each other, and to the people gathered to celebrate with's just a taste of the day...

Aren't these Shoes beautiful?!!!! Loved them!

This is probably my favorite shot from the day...I love how Jack's flash illuminated her veil! And I love the passion in this first kiss! Sigh....

By far, the most touching thing in the ceremony was how Jean-Luc not only wrote vows to Jacque, but he also wrote vows to her handsome little boy Tyler. After Jean and Jacque said their vows to each other and exchanged rings, he knelt down and called Tyler up to where they were on stage. He proceeded to tell Tyler how much he loves him and what he vows to do and be as Tyler's new dad...and then he put a ring on Tyler's finger too! This was such a beautiful picture of a Godly marriage and I was truly touched at the display of dedication to Jean's new wife and son.... AMAZING.

The ceremony was laced with the sounds of a familiar voice and it added just the right touch to the ceremony... I could feel the presence of God in that church. And as everyone worshipped with the music, Jack and I got to worship with our cameras :)

And yes...that IS who you think it is...Jeremy Camp. He happens to be the groom's best friend.

Such a beautiful bride! :)
Many thanks to the Dana, on Mission Bay in San Diego, for the beautiful reception!

After Jean and Jacque's first dance, they had another first dance with all three of them...another beautiful addition to the traditional ceremony and reception.

I know I mention it every time I shoot a wedding, but I really truly love being a wedding photographer... and I'm honored when clients choose me, because I get to share such a profound and beautiful celebration of love. So thanks Jack, Jean-Luc, and Jacque for allowing me a glimpse of heaven on your wedding day! Congradulations!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Latest Breaking News

So a couple weeks ago this guy named Ernie Castelo (an It's A Grind "everyday-er") comes up to me while he pours his steaming hot coffee at the counter... "So I was wondering if you would be interested in letting me do a story on your business."


Me: "Sure...what does that mean exactly?"
Ernie: "Well, it would require a live interview...I'd ask you some questions about your business and how you started....and I'd like to get some of your best shots and some footage of you actually shooting a couple."


Me: (stuttering) "That sounds amazing! Let's do it!"
Ernie: "Okay I'll email you with details later today. I'd like to get this done in the next couple weeks." He walks back to his computer.

So...that's how the initial conversation went and at that point...I didn't know what to do with myself. I was standing behind the counter with nothing left to do, but worry about hair and makeup and working out and clothes and what I would say.... all the things I don't think about unless I'M  GOING TO BE ON TV.

I'm still not sure of the exact details for all of you who read this in different countries or in different states, but the segment will be on ICTV-30 (the City of Irvine Channel... channel 30) on Wednesday, February 18th at 7pm PST. It will be airing everyday for a little over 2 weeks and after it airs on the 18th, it will be available online. So once it's all up and running, i'll post the link so all of you not in Irvine can see it too!

I'm super excited, but also super nervous because I'm not sure how I look or what I sound like...and frankly...I don't really remember what I said... :-/ So we'll see what happens...haha.

Here's some shots from the day... just some fun ones for Daniel and Heather to keep even though we already took some stellar ones at Angel Stadium in October...make sure you check them out!

"Welcome and thanks for stopping by my blog! I've discovered recently that, in addition to photography, writing is a passion of mine and I've loved including you all in my personal journey this past year. So please feel free to read about my adventures, comment often, and enjoy my photos!"     - Kate Noelle | International Wedding & Portrait Photographer |