Saturday, March 28, 2009

Deep Thinking

Lately I've been doing a lot of pondering and searching as I read my friend Dane Sander's book Fast Track Photographer. There's a lot I've been trying to conceptualize in regards to my identity as a photographer and as a disciple... definitely not "before bed" kind of reading for sure. I'm still in the process of putting words to it all... 

So in the mean time here's a little bit of what my day looked like...

 I took a break from editing and pondering to take part in a "Socal Shootout" with some old friends and some new ones from all over Southern California. We went out to Fullerton and hiked through some beautifully flowered hills to a not so beautiful graffitied concrete storm channel. And together with some super fun and gorgeous models, we juxtiposed (did I just make up a word?) the two to create some pretty cool and funky fresh images this afternoon...

This is, by far, my FAVORITE from today...I LOVE the colors and this girl's style! YUM!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Betsy Lackey's "What now World!?"

I had just stepped off the plane in Dresden, Germany on my way to YWAM Herrnhut. I was scared out of my mind being in another country not knowing the slightest bit of German and not knowing which way was home. I stumbled upon a group of girls holding signs with my name on it....Paige, Carrie, and Stephanie. "Thank God!" I thought, suddenly a bit relieved I wouldn't have to find the train myself. Thus the "Betsy's" began.... Every other sentence from beautiful Paige was about this amazing girl named Betsy from Texas. "Betsy was suppose to meet us at the airport", but Betsy's flight got super delayed. "I wish Betsy was here." "Betsaaaaayyyyyyyy." Bah! Who was this Betsy person?! Then I met her.

Paige was definitely right to be Betsy's biggest fan....Betsy is totally worth being the subject of every other sentence! We were photographer newbies, then roomates, then Best Buds, then penpals...and we're perpetually competing with each other for the best photograph contest in our heads. But it's hard to compete with someone who just does what she loves and excels at it.... :) So I just try for the fun of it!

Betsy came a couple weeks ago to shoot Daniel and Heather's wedding with me and to stay for a week to catch up, take pictures together like old times, and to just be Best Buds the same state. It was a BLAST to say the least and I wish she was still heeeeerrre (whiney voice). Towards the end of her stay, she asked me if I would be willing to shoot some shots for her blog and website. So here's beautiful Betsy...and if you're interested in booking her as your Wedding or Portrait Photographer...she's available and SO GOOD at what she loves!

Check it...

Look at those Blue Eyes! I'm jealous.... :)

One of Betsy's favorite things in the entire world are images with Sun I obliged...

She's rockin' that Canon 40D!

Gorgeous Girl!
Aaaand then there's her sense of humor... Ha Ha

One thing she absolutely couldn't get enough of was all the orange trees. This one is my neighbor's...

We had a ton of fun and hopefully she got all of California packed into these images! :) Portrait sessions just because you can...are probably the coolest thing you could do in 2009! Because honestly...who doesn't want amazing images of themselves? We all have mom's and dad's and uncles and friends who have digital cameras...but there's just something about spending a couple hours feeling like a rockstar that you can't get with just anyone! 

Many thanks to my bear...Betsy Lackey of That's Betsy Photography!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Daniel and Heather's "I Do"

Twas a crisp and cool spring morning on March 14th as I left my house for Coffee Bean with Betsy Lackey. We arrived sharply at 8am with our Hazelnut Lattes and gear to a half sleepy Heather clutching her Starbucks, and bridesmaids cluttering the room getting beautified. Her dress was perfect, and her beautiful red hair curled perfectly into her Taylor Swift updo. Heather was a stunning bride...that's all there was to it. Jack Ratana and Christopher came a little later to hang with the boys as they got all handsomed up for the big day.

There's so much I could say about Daniel and Heather, about the significance of their big day in their own lives...their families' lives....their students' lives, even about the significance of this wedding in my life. But for the sake of your eyes and your time, I'll keep it as brief as I possibly can.

I've known Daniel for as long as I can remember. He's been around and in my life through hard times and great ones...and through many peaks and valleys in my faith in God. He's been a pillar and a compass for my faith at times, and he has been one of my biggest supporters. I got to know Heather when Daniel moved from Irvine Presbyterian Church to Presbyterian Church of the Covenant years ago. Together they've led the Junior High and High School groups through the years as coworkers and friends, and now, finally they will be leading as husband and wife.

The thing that stands out in their relationship is their deep desire to put their relationships with the Lord above all else. They found meaning and importance in "loving the Jesus" in the other person because they know that He is the one who inspires their love for each other. Their wedding day was nothing short of a celebration centered on Him. They celebrated who they are, they celebrated their choice and commitment to love each other forever, and they celebrated the God who is the master of all the beauty and love they see in each other. Everyone who came had the opportunity to encounter Him in the laughter, the tears, and the just plain fun that followed Daniel and Heather everywhere they went.

Not only was the wedding SWEET, but I had THE BEST team that day. First, my super beautiful and talented YWAM friend Betsy Lackey came all the way from Lubbock, Texas to shoot with me and spend the week. Second, my super duper OC photographer friend Jack Ratana came out to help me as well! We've been shooting weddings together for a little while and I'm always amazed (and often jealous) at his AMAZING eye. Last, but not least, Christopher came and was the BEST assistant anyone could ask for! Not only was he backup king, but he was thoughtful and helpful and positive all day long...and even picked up a camera to shoot a bit at the reception! These three were my super heroes on Saturday and I definitely couldn't have done everything we did without them!

So...without further adieu... the slideshow (sidenote: I apologize for the fast pace of the show...I went from 250 images I LOVED to 120 because of time constraints in the song...even though I should have just stuck to like 50.....there are a ton of images that were outstanding....I couldn't choose.... :( So don't have any seizures from the images racing....and enjoy just a brief feel for Daniel and Heather's Wedding Day)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've recently been on a house sitting adventure with Maggie and Reggie. Maggie's a "who know's what" and Reggie's a Dachshund ...  and I've definitely learned how much they are creatures of habit (including the morning ritual of wanting to use the doggy restroom..aka outside at 6:30am sharp.) and are much more needy than Figero. So...needless to say I've been there without Mr. Internet and not here working as I should be. 

This week, however, I'm STOKED because Thursday, Betsy's coming to town for a week to shoot Daniel and Heather's Wedding on Saturday. Aaand... not only is Betsy shooting with me, but she's joining my team of Jack Ratana and Christopher Kernutt to rock this wedding! Daniel and Heather are gonna have an entourage for sure! Can't wait to keep you posted!
"Welcome and thanks for stopping by my blog! I've discovered recently that, in addition to photography, writing is a passion of mine and I've loved including you all in my personal journey this past year. So please feel free to read about my adventures, comment often, and enjoy my photos!"     - Kate Noelle | International Wedding & Portrait Photographer |