Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rylan Gregory Dunn

There is something scary, yet free-ing about challenges. They're a mountain that seems to block your path and the only way is to climb up and back down again. On the way up, the mountain seems to go on forever, it's unpleasant, and you may find yourself winded and your muscles throbbing from the exertion.... but you keep plodding on, one foot in front of the other until you summit. It's only when you reach the summit that the free-ing part comes in. You made it. You're alive. You're exhausted, but the view from the top.... the view of the journey behind you and the new horizon in front of you... makes it all worth it. You accomplished something. You persevered and pulled through the hard times. And now, in the words of my home boy Bebo Norman, " you can walk down this mountain with your heart held high."

Rylan Gregory Dunn made it. And so did Valarie and Barrett.

(Side note: I've known Valarie for about 5 years now and she's always been the trailblazer. I'm so proud of her, of her courage, and of her heart. She's an amazing woman of God and I hope you all get a chance to meet her one day...)

So.... long story short, Rylan graced this world with his presence a little earlier than planned. But everyone's so glad he's here and...he's cute as a button. Here's my favorite shots from the day....

I thought this was such a great picture... partly because he looks like me every morning....

I know this is doesn't show his face, but I love it because it oozes comfort. With his little blanket and little arms... Love it! :)

Rylan was definitely a happy baby... Val and Barrett are very lucky parents!

This was such a sweet moment... I love the way Barrett holds Rylan...

Aaand... these pictures have nothing really to do with Rylan, but I love Valarie's style with all the owls everywhere... even Rylan gets to sport the owl look with some of his baby toys :)

I absolutely love the "tiny everything" about Rylan...

These were my absolute favorite "dad" pictures... I love the way Barrett looks at Rylan, how he holds him, how he talks to him..... Love it!

On our way back from the beach, I decided I wanted to include a little "hot mama" pictures for this HOT mom..... Someone should call the fire department because Valarie's on fire! ..(lame joke..... I know.)

Look at this girl!.. I hope Rylan gets some of her looks...

And lastly, I had to include this picture because it's so sweet. This was taken at the end of our shoot... he was cold and tired, but he was a good sport. I just thought this sad little face was so cute.... melts my heart and I know it melts his parents' hearts too...

Twas a great day to be alive and twas a cool experience hanging out with these awesome people... and Rylan... I'm glad you were born.... you're going to do great things!


  1. OH, I LOVE that last picture...what a sad little face, but sooooo adorable! Very nice pictures. And congratulations to Val and Barrett. My daughter just saw her best friend's new baby and said Quinten's dad comes to tears just looking at him and realizing he's a dad. Pretty sweet.

  2. What gorgeous pictures! and what a beautiful baby. How fun!

  3. teeheeeeeee. LOVING the last one. :)


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